Branding Series Part I: Consistency

Oftentimes, we get approached by businesses that want to build a website or a new product but don’t have their foundation as a brand set. This includes brand messaging, values, and mission. In other words, their ‘rhyme and reason’ or their ‘why’ isn’t there.

More often than not, we see brands that just have a logo but no explanation as to why it was designed the way it was and does not communicate who the brand is. Or, we see brands with a website but, again, no explanation as to why it was designed the way it was and doesn’t portray the brand correctly. 

It’s a common issue [read: mistake] nowadays, and we’ll dive into exactly why throughout our ‘mini-series’. But first, I want to give some background contextual examples to help you envision what we’re talking about. 

They say it’s easier than ever to start a business. But it’s also harder than ever to run and maintain that business with the competitive landscape across almost every industry.

This is where branding comes in. It’s arguably the most important aspect to your business. It’s your foundation, your rock, and should be top of mind in every decision you make about your business. It’s what sets you apart from your competition. 

Given the noise surrounding your business and industry, it’s crucial to not only laser focus on your branding but be consistent. Trust, consistency, and reliability are just a few of the priorities that consumers have this day and age.

To give you some context, we wanted to list some companies as exemplary cases for consistency. We all know and love the big brands but here are some smaller, local (to Los Angeles) brands that you may resonate with: 

  • Reformation: talk about making the environment sexy. Not only do they make beautiful clothes but, if you haven’t noticed, they boast about their eco-friendly practices. Their sustainable, forward-thinking initiatives are echoed across all platforms – both digital and physical (have you seen their newest retail stores?!) In Reformation’s brick-and-mortar stores, all employees don the minimalistic and ecologically responsible look of re- or up-cycled jeans and a white top – a simple idea with a responsible spin. Their website is airy, simple, and clean, just like their business practice. 
  • Vrai & Oro: another business that we truly admire as a brand, not to mention their products are stunning. Their philosophy is clear on the website’s landing page: “quality is of the utmost importance”. It’s apparent in the company’s raw materials as well as image quality, the minimal design aesthetic that’s mirrored between the product itself and the website displaying it; and the socially responsibility of the brand is expressed in advertisement as well as action. And their transparency when it comes to pricing is unmatched. 
  • Show Me Your Mumu: is it just us or do they scream adventure, spontaneity and carefree attitudes? This LA-based brand has a knack for showcasing the way their  beautifully designed trends can make you feel. You feel it across their social media channels, website, and physical retail store in Venice. 

Just like these brands, your brand’s consistency in messaging is crucial. This means that in order to garner a customer’s trust, you must be mindful of your message across all platforms - your brand’s touchpoints. This includes your website, social media channels (including content AND copywriting), email newsletters, customer service, physical retail store(s), and whatever other forms your business may inhabit. ALL of these aspects need to tie in to create an identity that consumers feel that they can attach themselves to and will feel passionate about investing in. 

So who exactly are you as a brand, and how are you carrying out your message across your brand touchpoints? More on that next week!

Are there other brands that you admire? Let us know in the comments/Let us know your favorites!