Branding Series Part IV: How Are You Speaking To Your Audience?

This is your marketing and communication strategy. 

After you’ve gone through all of the other things we’ve discussed in this four-part series, the last question is: how are you carrying out your brand mission, values, and personality to your brand touchpoints?

Are your message, mission, and values properly communicated on your website?

How about your print marketing materials (if applicable)?

What about on social media? 
Based on the exercise in Part III, which platforms does your target customer use? If your audience skews a little older, it may not be the best use of your time to be on Snapchat considering the platform’s demographics. Rather, it might be smarter to be on Facebook and Instagram.

Be hyper-aware of where is most appropriate to channel your energy and go hard marketing your brand there. 

The way in which you talk to your audience on these platforms is equally as important. 

Is your brand quirky? Serious? Funny? Flirty? Corporate? This will largely be informed by Parts II and III. Whatever personality your brand has, stay consistent. Customers will recognize your brand’s tone and they will find comfort in the consistency.

Additionally, make sure your imagery aligns with your brand. If it’s playful and colorful, use images that elicit emotions associated with that.
If it’s more sophisticated and corporate, stick with images that with make your audience feel as such. 

In summary, if you haven’t heard it enough, consistency is key. 

Clearly define who you are as a brand.
Find your why. 
Identify your target audience. 
Design a communication strategy around that.

If you have any questions, we’re happy to help! 

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