Branding Series Part II: Who Are You?

We hope you enjoyed last week’s post about the importance of brand consistency. This week, we’re diving into figuring out exactly who you are as a brand. 

The first question is what does your company or brand do?

Secondly, why do you do it? For what purpose does it exist? What problem are you solving? 

Now, there are tons of companies that offer much of the same services so this is where the more important questions comes in.

What’s your brand’s mission? Similar to why you do it, what is the goal you are trying to achieve? Raise awareness about a topic you’re passionate about? Make clothes for people to feel good in? Sell quality jewelry that enhances the life of the consumer? 

What does your company value? Adventure? Class? Transparency? Innovation? Simplicity? Environment?

The answers to these questions will help you determine that value proposition or that thing that makes you stand out from your competition. In this day and age, consumers need and want depth. They care about what they invest in and are hyper-aware of what your brand stands for and values. Bottom line - you need to build a brand that your target audience will latch on to, believe in on an emotional level, and never want to leave. 

Environmentally conscious brands, for example, are on the rise because consumers are understanding the negative impact that mass production has on the planet. 

A report from 2014 noted that 55% of consumers across 60 countries are willing to pay higher prices for goods from environmentally conscious companies. And a 2013 study claims that 71% of Americans at least consider the environment as a factor when shopping. 

Animal testing? There’s a reason why companies aggressively advertise vegan or animal-friendly practices.

Fair wages? Enter socially conscious consumers who care about the people who make the clothes they are wearing or the food that they are eating.

In summary: figure out who you are as a brand, stay consistent, and repeat your messaging over and over again, across all your brand touchpoints. We promise your message will resonate more with your target audience.